Upcoming Schedule and Notes

So lately, I’ve had a bit of schedule slip-up stuff here. I figure I’ll address it straight-out.

I’m moving and changing jobs within the next month or so. This has given me very little time to write and even less time to write for The Red and the Rest or especially A Cultural Guide to the Human Species, Grade Six. I haven’t been able to stick to the once-per-week rule I set for myself when I started this site and won’t be able to for a little while.

With that in mind, I’m setting the upcoming schedule as such:

  • By the end of July, the next two or three chapters of The Red and the Rest will be published, ending Part I- Crossing. Part I is the second-shortest part of the six, but I’d like to end it right. I’m very persnickety about that kind of stuff. Don’t worry- more will be coming. I’ve also commissioned some official art for the story.
  • Over the course of July and August I hope to publish at least two articles from A Cultural Guide to the Human Species, Grade Six. Unlike with Red, I write these on the fly, so I have no idea exactly when they’ll come out. Liking this page on Facebook will get you updates.
  • During August, there will be no chapter updates for The Red and the Rest, although I may put up a few short stories that take place in the universe. The ones I have outlined are either based on more minor characters or events taking place before Part I. It depends on your interest, readers. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • In September I will resume posting regularly with Part II of The Red and the Rest, entitled Coming Together.

Once again, thank you for reading. I hope to see you soon.


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