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Movies I Should’ve Seen- New Feature!

Alright. So. A few weeks back I was thinking about fiction and media and common knowledge because I’m that kind of weird nerd and I realized that, while I’ve seen a good amount of movies, I’ve not seen even more. A lot of capital-F Films are missing from my experiences, as are tons of those movies that “everyone” has seen. And at this point, I’m wondering why I haven’t gotten around to it. I mean, I’ve got access to the largest archive of human creative achievement in the history of the species!

So why haven’t I ever sat down and watched a John Wayne movie? Why do I only pretend to know Sigourney Weaver from Alien when really she’ll always be that lady from Galaxy Quest in my mind? I mean, I’ve never even seen a Coen Brothers movie, even though I know that they’re supposed to be works of art. I don’t even have an excuse, really. But what I do have is an opportunity.

I’ve compiled a list of movies that I should’ve seen by now. It’s not a perfect list, nor a complete one. Mostly it’s a mad scramble of stuff my friends, coworkers and I brainstormed every now and then. Some genres, like Westerns and Dramas and Horror, are entirely foreign to me, so the choices there are sort of placeholders for whatever fits as the best-of for that category. But with the help of whoever reads this, I’d like to expand and refine the list and watch one of these quote-unquote classic films every week in semi-random order, starting on the first day of 2016. And then, of course, I’ll write up a sort of first-timer’s review and post it here.

So without further ado, the list. Suggestions for additions and removals are encouraged by anybody. I can’t possibly say every movie I have seen, but I’m game to respond to any feedback given.

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