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The Color Purple- Movies I Should’ve Seen

After moving and getting sick and maybe a bit of procrastination, I’m back with another MISS review. Since this is the only one I’ll be doing for black history month, I figured I’d choose a movie with lots of black actors. Well, technically the Primer review came out on the first, but that movie had no black people in it. Huh. Anyway, I chose a movie that barely has any non-black characters to compensate. Let’s watch The Color Purple.

Stuff I know about this movie beforehand:

-This is Whoopi Goldberg’s first movie

That’s basically it. The credits have a few more familiar names like Danny Glover (should I put Lethal Weapon on my MISS list?), Quincy Jones, Oprah and- oh hey, Steven Spielberg? He’s on this list a few times. Alright, see y’all under the cut.

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